An XML-based tool for automated report generation.

RLIB is an advanced reporting engine that generates professional reports in PDF, HTML, CSV, and text formats from a simple XML definition language.



RLIB 1.3.7 Released.

- Support cursors w/ forward only navigation (Me, Zoltan)
- CSV Data Source (Me)
- Valid XHTML HTML Output (Me, Al)
- RPDF Compression (Zoltan)
- OSX Build/Link Fixes
- Crashes Fixed

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Why use RLIB?

Fast and Efficient

Written in pure C, RLIB doesn't waste your time or valuable system resources.

Full Expression Engine

RLIB can perform a variety of mathematical operations on cells within itself, so your software doesn't have to.


RLIB runs on both Linux and Windows, and features bindings for Perl, PHP, Python, .NET, and Java.

Versatile Licensing

RLIB is free and open source software licensed under the GPL. For organizations not wishing to comply with the GPL, commercial licensing is also available.